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Judy Ridgway


Her latest book on olive oil, written in conjunction with Dr. Simon Poole a leading authority on the nutrition of olive oil and the Mediterranean Diet, will be published later this year.

Judy Ridgway is an olive oil expert and consultant. She is also an author, journalist and broadcaster specialising in all aspects of taste and flavour.

She is the author of four books on olive oil including Judy Ridgway's Best Olive Oil Buys Round The World: The New Edition. For more information, click here.

She was an international judge for the Leone d’Oro awards for eight years and her work now includes product assessment for both buyers and growers as well as consultancy work for public relations and promotion companies.

She offers regular olive oil tasting and appreciation classes in London and Brighton, tutored seminars sponsored by magazines, trade centres and producer associations and staff training courses for importers and retailers.

She has written more than 60 books on food and wine with the later books dedicated to olive oil. She is currently working on a series of e-books on various aspects of olive oil. She contributes to both trade and consumer magazines and foodie websites and appears on radio and television.

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Best Olive Oil Buys Around The World

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