Banquet on a Budget by Judy Ridgway

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Judy Ridgway

Banquet on a Budget

Cooking for Weddings, Birthdays and Other Big Parties

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How much do you expect to spend on your wedding reception? Statistics show that the average spend is well over £7,000! But, if you do it yourself you can save a good deal of that money to spend on the honeymoon or to put towards a deposit on your new home. Similar savings apply to other large functions such as anniversary and birthday parties.

The savings come in various forms. First of all home cooked food costs a fraction of the prices charged by a hotel or restaurant. A small outside catering company could be less expensive but they still have to cover their overheads and a profit. That money could be yours.

Secondly the drinks are a major cost for any reception and this is escalated by the 100% or more mark-up added by the venue or by outside caterers. Far cheaper to buy in your own stock of drinks in bulk directly from the wholesaler, negotiating your own discount for quantity. Even better go over to France and buy cases of still and sparkling wine or Champagne there. Though you will still pay the local VAT there is no excise duty and all wines are considerably cheaper than in the UK.

Thirdly hiring the venue itself can be expensive. Mention the word “wedding” and prices can soar as managers see an opportunity to make more money. Using your own home cuts out this expense. Alternatively, if your house or flat is not very large you can often hire church, parish or school halls or sports club premises for a very small outlay.

However, catering for your own wedding reception can also be very daunting. What is the best kind of food to serve? How much food will you need? When should you start the preparation? How much help will you need? This book answers all these questions and more and passes on the secrets of the trade to ensure that the preparation goes smoothly and that the food is just as good as the professionals can offer.

I have drawn on my professional and personal experience to show the reader how to cater for a wedding or any big party, with confidence and style. The book contains detailed preparation plans and master checklists for different types of events, including drinks parties with canapés, finger or plate buffets, and more formal, sit-down meals.

For each type of event there are five complete menus plus drinks suggestions, allowing for twenty to sixty guests. There are 120 recipes in total, some with variations, as well as general advice on estimating quantities for large numbers, choosing food and drink, finding venues and hiring staff and equipment.

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