Judy Ridgway's Best Olive Oil Buys Round the World

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Judy Ridgway

Best Olive Oil Buys Round the World

New Edition

Best Olive Oil Buys Around The World

Welcome to the exciting world of olive oil which now stretches from Portugal to the Middle East and from Australia to Argentina. Join me on my travels through the Olive groves, around the mills and into the shops of this world to find the very best olive oils for your table and your kitchen.

Have you ever stood in front of an array of olive oils and wondered which one to buy? If so the answer is here. My book removes the mystique from buying this wonderful condiment and flavouring ingredient.

The introductory chapters tell you how to read the label and shelf descriptions for clues to the contents of the bottle. You can also learn which style of oil to choose for which types of cooking and how to get the most from opportunities to taste. A directory of more than 100 extra virgin olive oils gives you an insight into how and where the oil is produced. There are detailed tasting notes and suggestions for the best use for each oil. Wherever you are there is a selection of oils for you. Some are available in supermarkets; others in specialist shops.

To Buy The Book:
Order from your local book shop quoting Gardiner Press ISBN 0-9543298-2-1 or from: www.amazon.co.uk

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