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Publication Rights

Worldwide publication and foreign language rights are available in the following works. All rights in the text of these works have always been mine or have reverted to me.

If you are interested in taking any of them up please contact me at

The Olive Oil Quartet

This is a set of four short books about different aspects of olive oil.

The first in the series “REMARKABLE RECIPES from the people who really know about extra virgin olive oil – the producers” has just been published as an e-book.

The following books will be:

  • The Easy Guide to Buying and Using Olive Oil
  • 50 Best Olive Oil Buys on the Net, Hidden Gems from around the World
  • Theme Holidays and Olive Oil Routes

Outline Books:
• Dressing up - A Guide to Oils, Vinegars and Seasonings
This is a modern version of the very successful Pocket Guide to Oils, Vinegars and Seasonings which explores the background to these essential ingredients, how they are made and their place in contemporary cooking.

•  Hot Shot Hotpots - One Pot Cooking
From Chowder to Tagine to Pot au Feu and Paella, a range of recipes to fit the modern lifestyle. It's a simple healthy way to cook. Its easy to serve and its versatile.


Remarkable Recipes