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Books by Judy Ridgway

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The Olive Oil Companion, The Connoisseur's Choice (Companion Collection)
Publishing history: Apple Press 2003; Little Brown, USA 1996, Great Britain (hardback) 1997, foreign editions 1997-1998 Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Holland and Japan.

French Traditional Cheeses, The International Wine & Food Society
Publishing history: Round the world to members of the Society

The Cheese Companion, Apple Press UK
Publishing history: USA 1998, France, Germany, Holland, Spain and Sweden 1999.

Clearly Delicious (With Elizabeth Lambert Ortiz) Dorling Kindersley UK softback
Publishing history: UK 1994 (Hardback) with various other editions

Publishing History: UK 1996, Germany 1997, Norway 1998

Quick After-Work Winter Vegetarian Cookbook, USA
Publishing History: UK 1995(Hard and softback)

Best Wine Buys in the High Street (annually from 1990), Foulsham UK

Food For Sport and Fitness, Pan UK
Publishing History: Boxtree UK 1994, Brazil 1995

International Vegetarian Cooking, Fisher USA
From Vegetarian Delights UK 1993

Quick After-Work Pasta and Sauces Book, Fisher USA
Publishing History: UK 1993

Practical Media Relations, Gower Press UK
Publishing History: published as Practical Media Relations in 1984, Greece 1993, Romania 1995

Catering Management Handbook (Editor with co-authors), Kogan Page UK

Quick After Work Vegetarian Cookbook, Piatkus Books UK

Salads From Around The World (with co-authors) Foulsham
Publishing History: From Salad Days, UK 1979

Diet 2000, New Woman Magazine
Publishing History: Distributed with the above magazine in the UK

Running Your Own Catering Company (with co-author) - Kogan Page

Food entries in Oxford University Press Children's Encyclopaedia

The Vitamin and Mineral Diet Cookbook, Thorsons UK

Investigations and Recipes for Healthy Eating, Oxford University Press (with co-author)

Carr's Connoisseurs Cheese Guide, Martin Books UK
Publishing History: USA 1990

The Complete Cheese Cookbook - Piatkus
Publishing History: Hardback Edition 1986

The Wine Lover's Record Book, Piatkus UK

101 Ways with Chicken Pieces, Piatkus UK

Wheat and Gluten-Free Cookery, Century Publishing UK

Vegetarian Wok Cookery, Century Publishing UK

Food and Cooking Round the World, Oxford University Press (with co-author)

Festive Occasions, Oxford University Press (Education)

Nuts and Cereals, Century Publishing UK

The Vegetable Year, Piatkus
Publishing history: Futura paperback 1986, USA 1988

Wining and Dining at Home, Heineman (Kingswood) UK

Sprouting Beans and Seeds, Century Publishing UK

Frying Tonight, Piatkus UK

Man in the Kitchen (with co-author), Piatkus UK

Running Your Own Wine Bar, Kogan Page UK

Home Cooking for Money, Piatkus

Making the Most Of: Rice, Pasta, Potatoes, Bread, Cheese, Eggs, David and Charles UK
Publishing history: Brazil 1984, Holland 1984

Barbecues, Ward Lock UK
Publishing history: Bounty Books 1988

Cooking with German Food, Martin Books UK

Cooking Round the World, MacMillan Education UK

The Wine Lover's Record Book, Piatkus UK

The Breville Book of Toasted Sandwiches, Martin Books UK

Waitrose Book of Pasta, Rice and Pulses, Hamlyn UK

The Colour Book of Chocolate Cookery, Hamlyn UK

101 Fun Foods to Make, Hamlyn UK

Mixer, Blender, Processor Cookery, Teach Yourself Books UK

The Seafood Kitchen, Ward Lock UK

Home Preserving, Teach Yourself Books

The Vegetarian Gourmet, Ward Lock UK
Publishing history: USA 1980, Holland 1980

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