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Judy Ridgway

Olive Oil Booklet

This twenty one page booklet, originally commissioned in 1993 by the then EEC and updated in 2002 and 2012, has again been thoroughly revised and a new edition published for 2016.



Attributes and Diversity in Olive Oil
• What is Olive Oil?
• Where Olive Oil Comes From
• Healthy Attributes

Quality and Flavour
• Soils and Climate
• Varieties and Cultivation Techniques
• Harvest
• Processing

EU Regulations and Definitions
• Mandatory Regulation
• Chemical and Organoleptic Testing
• Voluntary Regulations

First Principles of Tasting Olive Oil
• The Senses

A Tasting Vocabulary

How to Taste Olive Oil
• Basic Tasting techniques
• Styles of Oil and What to look for

The Mechanics of a Tasting
• The Oils
• Tasting Sheets

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