Around the World with Olive Oil by Judy Ridgway, Olive Oil Expert

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Judy Ridgway

Around the World with Olive Oil

A look at quality, styles and flavour characteristics

Around the World with Olive Oil by Judy Ridgeway

I have been travelling the world of olive oil for many years and I also try to keep in touch with growers and producers in as many countries as possible. Now all this work has come together in my new monograph published in October 2016 by The International Wine and Food Society. It takes in 25 countries and singles out over 100 award-winning extra virgin olive oils for special mention. It is now available on Kindle (buy now on Amazon).

The monograph is divided into two sections to take in a general understanding of olive oil followed by a tour round the leading regions olive oil producing countries of the world. The first half attempts to answer the many questions that are asked about olive oil and at the same time counteract some of the commonest misconceptions about it. The second half looks at the up to date developments within the various regions as well as offering some best buys along with regional food recommendations.

This is the seventeenth in the IWFS series of monographs and the second for which I have been privileged to be commissioned. Way back in the 1990s I wrote the fourth monograph on French AOC cheeses. I still love cheese but my focus has moved on since then. Copies of Around the World with Olive Oil are on sale at the IWFS office in London or you can order direct from Andrea Warren at email: For more information see the IWFS website.

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